Code Camp 2010 Wrap Up

Code camp 2010.1 is in the books.

I presented on the topic of "ASP.NET MVC Beyond the Project Template" at the Philly and Pittsburgh code camp. This presentation also marked my first contribution to both user groups. The discussion was well received with several great comments from the reviews.

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know where the content is for the presentation. You won't see any slides because I did not have any. I am a strong believer in code camp being about code and not slides. You can however take a look at the working project that was created in both demonstrations.

I am hosting the project on BitBucket just as you saw in the discussion. You can browse it or pull it down at

The project includes a ton of useful practices for working with a remote team, setting up a great development environment from the start, using tools to maximize productivity, using OpenIdPortableArea, using OpenSearch, and other interesting practices.

I also had a question from the Pittsburgh Code Camp presentation that I did not have time to address in the discussion. The question was how to add Data Annotations to validate a model. The question was specifically how to get rid of the Id column on the register page when calling Html.EditorForModel(). I have added this to the project under the User.cs file. So that was for you front row guy.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the organizers of Philly and Pittsburgh code camps, the attendees, and the reviewers for making my first contribution to the community one that I will not long forget. I plan to contribute more.