About Me

Development is my passion.

I lead the .NET development community in Pittsburgh. You can find us on Meetup at meetup.com/pghdotnet. I speak at local development conferences on .NET, Azure, Internet of Things, Universal Windows Platform, and unit testing topics. I am greatly interested in the next big thing and I am always looking for new ways to develop software.

I tweet about technology @StevenHook

I have a development blog where I talk about whatever interests me at the moment. http://hookscode.com

I started developing on QBasic and VB4 when I was 14 years old. When I was in high school I created my first marketable application for a cyber café where patrons of the café could purchase time to use the computers.

For more information about me, feel free to email me at steven@hookscode.com or visit my Stack Overflow Careers CV at careers.stackoverflow.com/stevenhook

When I am not writing code I spend time with my family and friends, go golfing, and brew my own beer.