I am sitting on my flight to Anaheim, CA for a two week support trip. I have the exit row all to myself. My travel buddy did not blink an eye when shouting, "I'll take it" to the only available seat upgrade to first class and leave me deserted with the heathens that live in economy. As I looked at him in disbelief, he could not help but laugh and say, "I'm sorry, I feel bad about it". I don't think those two things go together. I'll get you back... somehow. After the seat drama, I got settled in and the flight attendant kindly started her routine asking me if I am willing and able to assist a passen... and she stopped. She seemed bothered and asked me, "Are you over the age of fifteen?" She then giggles and says, "You look so young" loud enough that the rows surrounding me are now interested enough to turn around to get a glimpse of the
little youngster without adult supervision.

Most of you know me. You know that I am extremely easy going, and can find a positive aspect to any encounter. There are few things in this world that make me want to physically harm another person. The prioritized list goes:

  1. Talk about how young I look.

  2. Apologize for offending me about my age by saying, "You'll appreciate it when you're older."

  3. American Idol

  4. The phrase, "We need the rain".


With a twitching eye, I look down at my wedding ring as I twirl it between my thumb and pinkie as if to gain control of my emotions. I kindly, and with the most respect I could muster, told the flight attendant that I am of age to sit in the exit row. All the while I am having Scrubs like daydreams of wishing harm upon her. She is now the enemy for the rest of the trip. She will be shunned at every possible moment.

This was a very mild case of someone offending me, but when I talk about other incidents, it is really a form of discrimination that is often overlooked and shrugged off as being a comical discussion about different generations of people. Many times in my life I have thought of creating a website designed to hold the amazing stories I have about people offending me. These stories that I have unwillingly acquired over the years would make you realize why it is my number one social quam. I have dozens of stories that would make you reassess yourself in these seeminglyharmless social situations. Ask me.