Halloween Photo Booth

I’m crazy about Halloween. I have a party every year and in recent years it has become a pretty big production. My wife and I »

Yinzlate Errors: Respect your Users

I have some apps on my Windows Phone that crash every day the first time I open the app. They get their crashing over with then »

Yinzlate Contribution: Doing more with less

I had always envisioned giving my users the ability to contribute language translations for Yinzlate, but how do you really do that for an app that »

jQuery deferred and pipe

Recently I needed to do some client side validation that had many steps. Each of those steps had processing, then ultimately an ajax call. Step two »

Testing ASP.NET Web API

This post explains how you can unit test a web API controller method that is using multipart form data. I am creating this post because I »