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I’m crazy about Halloween. I have a party every year and in recent years it has become a pretty big production. My wife and I come up with a theme for the year and decorate the entire house in that theme. This year’s theme was prison.
11/07/2013 07:58:58
Error handling is that thing that everyone hates to do and is always a second or third thought when it comes to application development. I think it's just easier to say “you're screwed” if you get in this state so we don't even handle it, or maybe we don't know how to recover gracefully from the problem. What if we thought of error handling as a feature of the app?
05/21/2013 04:20:20
I had always envisioned giving my users the ability to contribute language translations for Yinzlate, but how do you really do that for an app that may not catch on?
02/19/2013 04:49:04
Surprisingly I have never needed to chain javascript validation together before. I guess every time I have ever done ajax calls they have either never relied on one another or I just always did my validation in one ajax call. Recently I ran into a situation where I had one process that relied on another to complete.
06/12/2012 10:12:21
Dealing with the frustrations of trying to test the ASP.NET Web API MultipartFormDataStreamProvider.
05/24/2012 06:15:57
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steven hook
C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Windows Store developer and speaker interested in learning more. Proud member of the Pittsburgh .NET user group.